Hello everyone! Last Staurday we went to Tayto Park in Ashbourne and we spent an amazing day there, so I decided to share it with you as a lot of my friends have been asked me about it. I've heard about Tayto Park long time ago, but I thought it was more family place with most of attractions for kids. As soon as I saw their ad about opening new rollercoaster I knew I have to go there now. I am not gonna talk about the prices, because you will find all that on their website (I'll give you link down below). I'll just say that we didn't book tickets before and we bought the wristband which allows multi-use of the attractions and with every ticket you will get a pack of Tayto crisps.

After we arrived and I saw this rollercoaster for the first time I wanted to go back home. It looks really spectacular and scary! It's the largest wooden coaster in Europe with the 32 meters tall and 32.2 meters drop and it can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h!
It  has been named after one of the great eternal heros of Irish history Cú Chulainn who was "an early Irish warrior who defended the province of Ulster against the great army, mustered by Queen Medb of Connacht,"said Irish history researcher Kelly Fitzgerald. We were there around 11-11.30am and we went straight to the queue for the coaster to just get over it. We waited about 45 mins which wasn't bad, because the line was even longer later on, so I advise you to get to the park in early mornings. The ride was amazing! The first moment when you going up is so scary and exciting and the way back down is just indescribable. I managed to have my eyes opened! Yeah!!! They took you a pictures when you go down (my face looks really bad and funny). It has two tunnels and few obstacles along the way. I was so happy after that and I can't wait to do it again, because we didn't get enough time to go second time that day.

Next we went on a zipline. I always wanted to try that and couldn't wait to go on it. The worst moment for me was at the very top when I was attached to the line waiting for my turn. I admit that I didn't jump after the instructor told me to do it. I had to take a minute and once I jumped it was so much fun and wasn't so scary as I thought, but I didn't like the landing though. There is also a big slide that you can go on, but we didn't use it. 

 After all of the andrenaline rides we took the self-guided tour in Tayto Factory. Unfortunately the production is limited on Saturday and closed on Sunday, so we didn't get to see the whole process of making crisps etc., but the factory was very colorful with lovely pictures on the wall. 
On the way we got few treats. The homemade ice cream which was the best I have ever tasted, especially the hazelnut flavor and next the chesse and onion twisted chip of course! Yummy!

  There is also a ZOO in the Tayto Park with diverse animal collection such as the Amur tiger, stunning Ocelot, white-lipped tamarins, meerkants, bisons and many beautiful and colourful birds from around the glob. I felt in love with the snowy owl and black swan who was walking around the lake. They also have nice petting area with farmyard animals:  Ouessant Sheep, Pygmy Goats, Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pigs, Donkeys and Highland Cows. It possible to come close to them and treat them with food provided and is suitable for children of all ages.


I really like the life size animatronic dinosaur attraction with spectacular features; the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus and more. 

I was impressed with their play areas for children designed for all ages. The playgrounds were situated throughout the park with many towers, slides, swings, climbing frames, mazes and rope bridges.

I hope you will find some useful infomations here about the Tayto Park and this post may encourage you to visit. I am happy that we have this kinda place in Ireland and I hope it will grown with even bigger attractions. It is a great place to spend nice and fun day in for both kids and adults. If you have any more questions please write them in comments. 

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